Diaset Stabilized Drilling System

Diaset reaming shells, full hole adaptor couplings and full hole carbide/adiamond locking couplings, as a system, have been proven to keep our drill holes on target, within 1/2 degree on dip. Plus, Diaset reaming shells last 50% longer than what we were using.

I have demonstrated the proven effectiveness of Diaset tools to my managers and drillers, and Layne Mexico will use Diaset Products exclusively in the future

Guy Neufeld, Operations Manager, Layne Drilling

UltraTerra Impregnated Core bits: worldwide patented

We tried every diamond bit manufacturer we could, and at the end of the day, the new Diaset UltraTerra Precision core bits were the best, by at least 10%. Measured using bit life, and penetration rate.

Denny Robblee, Operations Manager, West-Core Drilling

Hard rock drilling success with UltraTerra Patented core bits

We did indeed get to use the Diaset bits and we are very fond of them. Tough, resilient, steady cutting…. They get through the hardest rock — we drilled iron formation and intensely silicified rock successfully. …. Very pleased.

Justin Rensby, Prospector, Labrador, Canada