Diaset was shortlisted as one of the “Top 100 Employers in Canada,” here is part of the reason why:

Achieving happy employees is not an accident. We have developed a corporate culture that says “Working at Diaset will improve my life” Here’s some of what we do to keep our employees the happiest in the industry:

1. Each new employee receives a mentor to help learn the job, the right way. The safe way.

2. Each employee receives some of the best wages and benefits in our industry. Team based bonus profit sharing (paid every four weeks) based on quality and productivity is part of the pay package. The bonus is topped up individually based on expertise, productivity, team contribution and ongoing education.

3. Diaset has a comprehensive family benefits package, such as: 100% paid by the company dental, eyesight, prescription coverage. The package includes disability insurance, life insurance, plus many other benefits.

4. Diaset offers benefits, such as: 100% company paid education assistance. We encourage everyone to keep on learning, to improve themselves, and move “up the ladder”. Whether it is a night school course, or a degree. If the employee wants to study, the company will pay for it.

5. Each employee receives company paid assistance in any area of study that they are interested in, even if it is not directly related to their job: Gym memberships, Yoga classes, Salsa Dance lessons, Music lessons, Computer Programming, Scouting. You name it; someone in our company is interested in it. We are too, and we help financially.

6. Each employee has a say in their jobs, in their work schedule. People have busy and somewhat unpredictable lives. We’re flexible.

7. Diaset does not tolerate any form of verbal or physical harassment or disruption. Employees are confident that they can work in a productive, fair, environment.