High Quality, Low Cost Geotechnical Impregnated Diamond Core Bits Video Demo

Perfect for short drilling (up to 700m) in geotechnical, engineering and shallow mining investigation projects. Diaset’s Geotech brand is priced to compete with drill bits imported from emerging economies, while offering unsurpassed quality and longevity.


  • 30% softer than a competing bit (cuts hard rock faster)
  • Resists abrasion, OD and ID gauges last longer
  • Better core recovery
  • Same price as diamond core bits from emerging economies
  • Higher diamond concentration for increased life and penetration rates

The free cutting Geotech impregnated bits also offer lower fuel consumption, less rod wear, less corebarrel wear, better core recovery.

The Geotech impregnated diamond drill bits utilize the same patented metallurgical technology used in our premium grade UltraTerra PrecisionX Series bits. The Geotech series will vastly outperform any other bit of similar price in terms of lifespan, accuracy and penetration rates.

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