Stabilized Locking Couplings

Diamond & Carbide Stabilized Locking Couplings

Diaset offers three different styles of diamond locking couplings:

  • Style 1: The matrix pad is securely fastened against the adaptor body, preventing shoulder wear and “walkover”
  • Style 2: The matrix pad is mid-body, this design is useful for wedging
  • Style 3: This style is a modification of Style # 1, with no flushing ribs

We offer a number of features that are exclusive to Diaset:

  • Long Carbide Stabilizer Pad – set with diamonds
  • Concentric Cast Diamond Pad – runts true, reduces vibration and will not break off. (Not brazed on like some competitor products)
  • Spiral Carbide Reinforced Waterways – full contact
  • “Polk”/ “Hexagonal” Body Design – (Style #1) for better stabilization and faster removal of cuttings. The “non-polk” design is recommended for faulted and sandy conditions
  • Heat Treated 4140 Alloy Steel

When used in combination with our stabilized adaptor couplings, this system is proven to reduce vibration and increase bit penetration for the straightest holes in the industry.

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