10″ Reaming Shells

Advanced Stabilized Reaming Shell

Diaset has developed an advanced 10” reaming shell that has proven to drill the straightest holes in the industry. Our stabilized 10” shell features TWO diamond ring pads for improved stability and precision when drilling.

The features of our stabilized 10” Reaming Shell include:

  • Premium AAA Diamonds – on the leading edge. This shell reams and cuts freely, increasing penetration rates
  • Two Diamond Ring Pads heavily set with diamonds. We use LARGE premium diamonds to improve the “diamond anchor” in abrasive conditions; the diamonds will not pull out. The “pin” matrix pad butts securely against the bit blank, preventing shoulder wear and bit blank damage due to “walkover”
  • Concentric cast diamond pad, runs true, reduces vibration and increases core recovery. Diamond pad is NOT brazed on, pad will not break off
  • Spiral, Carbide Reinforced Waterways – 100% hole coverage, smooth, vibration free operation
  • 4140 Heat Treated Steel – Toughest in the industry

If you are looking for a reaming shell with less vibration and more durability for a straighter hole, you need the Diaset premium 10” reaming shell.

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