Trouble Shooting

Diamond tools are very brittle and sensitive to shock. They must be handled with extreme care in order to preserve their integrity. In this section we discuss a number of common “do’s” and “don’ts” for handling diamond tools.

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Technical Data

In this section you will find our complete product catalogue that contains important technical information. We want to make sure that you receive the right tool for the job. Also you will find a matrix charts and other useful information.

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Research & Development

We take pride in constantly pushing the envelope in terms of design and functionality. Our inhouse research and development team are responsible for the patented technology used in our newest products.

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Diamond Information

Here you will find interesting and educational information on synthetic diamonds and how they have revolutionized the drilling industry.

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Diamond Drilling

Drilling a hole is the best way to discover what lies hundreds of meters below the surface. Ideally, a geologist or engineer needs a large, solid sample of the subsurface in order to assess it.

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Indications of diamond drilling can be traced back to early Egypt, where it appears diamonds helped bore holes into rock used to build the pyramids. Modern diamond drilling can be traced to a Swiss engineer, J.R. Leschot in 1862.

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