Technical Data

In this section you will find our complete product catalogue that contains important technical information. We want to make sure that you receive the right tool for the job. Also you will find a matrix charts and other useful information.


Competitor Comparison

We have also developed a chart that compares our new patented UltraTerra bit to other leading brand named bits.

Diaset Dimensions

View our standard set dimensions for mineral exploration core bits and reaming shells.

Matrix Chart

Below is a matrix chart that illustrates applications and crown design advice depending on the drilling conditions at your location.

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ISO Certification

View our registration and compliance with ISO 9001 manufacturing best.

Impregnated Bit Operation Considerations

Click here for an informational document explaining optimum rotation speeds relative to penetration (RPI). Depending on the type of rock formation you are dealing with, we have a chart explaining the ideal fluid volume for maximum penetration and bit longevity.

Geotech Brochure

Download our Geotech brochure.

UltraTerra Brochure

Download our UltraTerra brochure.